About Us



The mission of United Mountain Horse, Inc. is to showcase the Mountain Horse and encourage the ownership, breeding, training, trail riding and exhibition of the gaited mountain horse throughout the world and provide an atmosphere of fellowship and enjoyment for all. Kentucky’s native gaited Mountain Horses have become a favorite throughout the United States and beyond for their beauty, athleticism, and smooth four-beat gait. The Rocky Mountain Horse, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, American Gaited Mountain Horse, Mountain Pleasure Horses as well as the Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse & American Gaited Spotted Mountain Horse, have a distinct personality with a calm and willing temperament that makes them some of the most trainable and pleasurable gaited horses.

About Us  Mountain Horses were originally bred in the Appalachian area for centuries by dedicated horsemen who appreciated the Mountain Horse’s natural gait, kind temperament, willingness and hardiness.  Mountain Horses are prized today for their unique abilities on the trail, in cross country, obstacle and show competitions. Their versatility is limitless and their uses expand as the numbers of people owning them increases.

OUR STORY  United Mountain Horse, Inc was formed in September 2000 by members of the existing breed associations who were interested in having an organization especially dedicated to unifying all Mountain Horses. UMH serves to support and educate all Mountain Horse breeders, exhibitors, trainers, and horse enthusiasts and to promote Mountain Horses to new horse owners each year. United Mountain Horse, Inc promotes events where registered Mountain Horses can all be showcased together. The UMH Regional program, established in 2002, serves 14 Regions with Representatives across the United States working to educate the public and promote Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, American Spotted Mountain, American Gaited, and Mountain Pleasure Horses. UMH provides educational training videos, publications, clinics, trail rides, shows, and breed demonstrations for the enjoyment of the associate members.